M.I.T. khr0n1kles [ side B ]

I left the US
already some months ago,
but this multipurpose complementary blogpost
required a little more time than expected to be assembled
(primarily because of its [intended] thick & cooperative content)

The first diary entry was mostly dedicated to describe in broad strokes my involvement with FulbrightMITThe Trope Tank in parallel with the underlying “desktopian” research question / project; to spice things up, I also indulged in some anecdotal ‘n’ picaresque sidenotes (maybe an inevitable osmotic countermove, especially while trying to filter and summarize such a huge amount of novelties).

Hoping it was worth the wait, here’s instead – as promised at the end of the previous chapter – some scattered / detailed / [para-]academic material where you can abundantly sink your teeth. For the sake of clarity (or easy digestion) I decided to subdivide the post in three self-service-oriented & autonomous-yet-convergent areas, one for each “playground” of my independent scholarly enterprise. This means you’re more than encouraged to choose your own menu, as well as to decide along the way if you wanna have just a snack or a well-rounded meal.

–   –   –

WRAPPING everything UP

an outrageously long interview with the polyhedric Bobby Johnston,
PhD candidate in Nuclear Physics + host of the SuperFluid podcast

you can either watch it at the very end (to better connect the dots below)
or binge on it right away (as a stimulating discursive entrée / overview)


personal research

an article (pre-print version)
expanding the main argument of a talk
on desktop storytelling & its associated spatiality
presented during this 2021 international online conference

a quick-and-dirty video-essay on screencast taxonomy
assembled during the 2nd part of my residency
to possibly “illustrate” in a concise and clear way
the main visual strategies within desktop-based narration

my new “line of product” when it comes to GUI-related extravaganzas:
ladies and gentlemen, here you have the desktopian happeningZ

collab with Nick Montfort

a[n accepted] four-handed glossary proposal
for the final [extended] chapter of “The Lab Book” (2022)


a transversal interview about “desktop movies”
feat. personnel & students from the larger MIT community

the sound object Charli3.14 (a subway-infused sharade)*
final assignment for the quirkiest among many courses I audited

⇒ talking ’bout the astonishing “Anthropology of Sound – Spring 2022”
as offered by the experimental duo Ian Condry & Stefan Helmreich

* slightly OT - but now guess who in the same months - way before our first meeting - was working hard trying to save & wittily revamp Boston's Metro glorious multicolored seats? yep → our beloved BOBBY [host of the summarizing podcast at the beginning] / so, by the end of that extreme interview of ours, everything came immediately full-circle..

–   –   –

that’s almost all, folks!