Link list on bitcoin & blockchain, demonitization and other MoneyLab issues

Link list, collected by Geert Lovink and many others of the MoneyLab networks, for the MoneyLab email list, February-October 2017:

Blockcerts: Using blokchain for identity management is (mostly) ridiculous

Bitcoin price bubble ‘will collapse’ while the tech that underpins it lives on, Kenneth Rogoff predicts

Mastermind Of $4 Billion Bitcoin Money Laundering Operation May Be Extradited To US

Raghuram Rajan breaks silence, says neither he nor RBI under him wanted demonetisation

Yet another intro, this time via the Blockstack lens (including video)

Chaos and hackers stalk investors on cryptocurrency exchanges

“That’s not Bitcoin, this is Bitcoin.”

Diese Idee ist radikaler, als Google und Facebook je waren (in German)

ZeroNet: open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network

The prospects of Blockchain as an electric heater

Blockchain and Privacy (three parts)

What Cryptocurrency Enthousiasts Probably Won’t Tell You

Amir Taaki in Syria

The Blockchain Research Institute Manifesto (Tapscott inc.)

Quartz Bitcoin Eduporn

‘Better than blockchain’ new asset trading system unveiled

Visual instruction video about what a blockchain is

Bitcoin Orbituaries

Why We Built a Social Network that Costs 10¢ to Post Content–to-post-content-b82af95f96bf/

Wind energy used to mine cryptocurrency to fund climate research

Is There a Cryptocurrency Bubble? Just Ask Doge

Google introduces Tez, a mobile money wallet for India

India: Narendra Modi tries to shut down demonetisation critics with these big numbers

Bankers, Economists Say Demonetisation Had Other Successes Even If It Lost Black Money Fight

The next big gold rush: virtual goods

Carlo lynX: Do we have to make financial use of blockchains illegal?

Daren Stevenson: Bitcoin = Death Processor

US Tax Crackdown on Bitcoin: Tracking Bitcoiners with Chainanalysis

Does Bitcoin Have a Mining Monopoly Problem?

Who Has your Back in Crypto?

Why aren’t Indians angrier over note ban failure? (via PR)

The Cost of Decentralization in 0x and EtherDelta

US Launches Quiet Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies

China’s Bitmain dominates bitcoin mining. Now it wants to cash in on artificial intelligence

Meet the consequences of trust-less transactions (thanks to EdJ)

Wikileaks now accepting Zcash donations

Four quadrants of the crypto universe

Geknabbel aan het bank monopoly op betalen (in Dutch)

The DeMo story continues:

Poverty reduction and financial inclusion:

‘Greed is good’ now becomes too much greed is death

Bitfinex: Regarding Forks and Margin Trading (March 27, 2017, via EdJ)

Bitcoin impending accounting disaster

New initiative aims to deliver on the promise of blockchain for identity (via VM)

Blockchain and Economic Development: Hype vs. Reality (via Hapee)

Is the stock market going to crash?

Silicon Valley’s push for universal basic income is — surprise! — totally self-serving (via P. de Vries)

Parity’s Wallet Bug is not Alone (via Eduard de Jong)

Debunkimg Contactless Payment fraud info (via EdJ)

The Big News Behind the BTC-e Arrest and Mt Gox Connection

US Government Seizes Russian Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Domain

Urban China goes Cashless (NYT)

Hacker steals Ethereum coins from clueless ICO people

Proposal for a decentralized bitcoin exchange: Bitsquare

The Coming PSD2 Drama: “How PSD2 is sparking European innovation”

ICOs: A Shortcut to Boom or Bust (Via EdJ)

Nobody Understands Bitcoin

The Crazy Security Behind the Birth of Zcash, the Inside Story

Why CryptoCurrencies are Falling

Buy/Sell Bitcoin Meme

The Ego Game

Let’s link this to MoneyLab: The next big gold rush (via Aram Bartholl)
The next big gold rush

Initial coin offerings: cryptocurrency’s next high-risk big money maker (via Patrice Riemens)

The Question of Chinese Domination of Bitcoin

The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain

underground hackers event in Amsterdam

Proposal to kill the cryptocurrency term

WTF is ethereum?

Researchers finding out about bitcoin manipulation, demand “to work with regulators”

Unlike Us meets MoneyLab: BAT–Blockchain-based Digital Advertising

NYT discovers a trend: getting rid of VCs

AI Hedge Fund Goes Live On Ethereum

“I went inside Genesis Mining Farm”

Digital currencies will make next crisis worse

Duniter, or the other ideas on cryptocurrencies (via Patrice)

DJ Hardwell on hacking and the blockchain

Asking the Obvious: Is China Manipulating the Bitcoin Prize?

Marc Cuban Roasts Bitcoin on Twitter

Ray Kurzweil: “People need to have confidence in their currency”

Why Bitcoin is not a Bubble (for future use)

WhalePanda: I was wrong about Ethereal

Zeptochain: The Million Dollar Bitcoin (via Jaromil)

Blockchains are the new Linux, not the new Internet (via Florian Cramer)

Ian Bogost: Cryptocurrency Might be a Path to Authoritarianism (via Florian Cramer)

A surge in the value of crypto-currencies provokes alarm (via Eduard de Jong)

Buzz Factor or Innovation Potential: What Explains Cryptocurrencies’ Returns

The Current InsurTech Landscape: Business Models and Disruptive Potential

Untimely Theory

Bitcoin’s Fatal Flaws

How Onecoin Became One of the Biggest Scams in Crypto History

Demonetization Roulette: India’s unusual approach to creating a cashless economy

Demystifying India’s Digital Payment Infrastructure

Is Mobile Money Safe for Hackers?

ICO Irrationality? 300-million Gnosis Valuation Sparks Market Concerns

Beach Boy Bitcoin

Cheap monnies… hack bitcoin and get those coins!

Financial Times published an article supportive of platform co-ops

Something to analyse: launch of IMF’s fintech advisory board

Meet Eva—The Horror of the Invisible Bank

How Amir Taaki Tried to Build Bitcoin Economy in Syria While Fighting ISIS

Mondato on financial inclusion

Blockchains believers can make any claim, and there is no one there to object, lovely!

Segwit vs. Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin’s Fork Explained Simply

Making Money-Promise and peril in the Indian bitcoin economy

Cashless Society: a Credible Death Threat to Privacy

Could Blockchain Put Money Back in Artists’ Hands?

Nobody understands bitcoin (and that’s OK)

Lees jij net als wij journalistiek gratis? Dan hebben we je nodig (in Dutch)

S.E.C. Rejects Winklevoss Brothers’ Bid to Create Bitcoin E.T.F.

Interesting read re: potential Bitcoin hardfork

Reserve Bank India warns against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin

A discussion forum inside the Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin’s “creator” races to patent technology with gambling tycoon

A blockchain of 200 lines of code

The Potential for Blockchain to Transform Electronic Health Records

Building the Hyperconnected Future on Blockchains

The Great Cryptocurrency Heist

The Reception of the Financial Crisis in Hollywood Movies

Is Finland’s basic universal income a solution to automation, fewer jobs and lower wages?

Blockchain 101—A Visual Demo

What Would Ghandi Think?

Demonitization Would Have Caused Lasting Damage