MoneyLab #X – Economythologies Scrapbook

As part of our program for MoneyLab #X – Economythologies, we are embarking on a community scrapbooking project. Our aim is to develop a patchwork of ideas, images and references that explore the complexities of our contemporary economic imaginary. As the archive accumulates, data analyst and designer Shahee Ilyas will develop a creative response to this community resource.

We are inviting our community of MoneyLab thinkers, makers and doers to contribute to the Scrapbook project, using our submission portal on our Scrapbook page.

Contributions may include (but are not limited to):
An original blog post or short text (this could be research-based, analytical, confessional, myth-busting, poetic, you name it!);
An extract from a seminal theoretical text that has informed your thinking about money;
Pop-cultural references that engage with the symbolic currency of wealth/markets/cash;
Republication of extracts from previous/forthcoming works by you;
Media snippets and/or digital artefacts recalling significant historic events and practices in the domains of finance and economics;
Calls for participation in current projects exploring our economythologies;
Anything else your imagination permits!

We appreciate any time you could devote to participating in this MoneyLab #X community experiment!

Very best wishes

Denise, Nancy and Lexi

Image: Patti Smith performing ‘Free Money’ (2006), contributed to the MoneyLab #X – Economythologies Scrapbook.