Smartphone Documentary: Trust in the Blockchain Society

Interactive Documentary Trust in the Blockchain Society explores trust in technologies.

The hype is comes and goes. Now is the time to talk about blockchain.

The award-winning production studio Submarine Channel and design publisher Archis release an innovative smartphone documentary about blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize trust in our societies.

Trust in the Blockchain Society is an innovative smartphone documentary featuring a series of interactive interviews with trailblazing blockchain experts, including former broker and journalist Brett Scott, crypto-economist Shermin Voshmgir, internet pioneer Marleen Stikker, and hacktivist Jaromil Roio.

Every time a new technology is announced one question arises: can we trust it? When the blockchain made its appearance with the claim of being ‘trustless’, we could not help but wonder: how is this going to change the shape of trust?

“Every technology we ever used changed the way we trust each other,” says one of the interviewees, social scientist Balázs Bodó, “so we can be reasonably sure that this will happen with blockchain too; the question is not ‘if’, but ‘how’ do we want it to reshape our trust”.

Taking a critical stance on the issue, directors of Trust in the Blockchain Society Francesco Degl’Innocenti and Leonardo Dellanoce explore blockchain by framing it in the long history of decentralized technologies, aiming to uncover its true potential, and to inquire the social consequences of its deployment. Over the course of 8 in- depth interviews, a diverse range of experts and thinkers will provoke the ideas on how blockchain is already redesigning the concept of trust, the very cornerstone of our societies and economies.

“The public debate too often confuses this technology with its financial applications: we wanted to center it around the future possibilities for society and open up the conversation, going beyond the technical aspects of blockchain: you don’t need to know how a smartphone is put together to understand the impact it has on our lives,” say Degl’Innocenti and Dellanoce.

The documentary brings blockchain to the wide audiences in an accessible and playful, yet comprehensive way. An edgy and innovative design, combined with easy-to-control interactive features, allows the viewer to play with the content – listen, read, or watch – and create a unique entry point for themselves in the conversation, making it a thought-provoking, binge-worthy experience.

The full documentary can be viewed for free at Click here to watch the trailer.

For more information, images and / or interview requests, please contact: Archis, Laura Urbonaviciute

About the directors
Leonardo Dellanoce is a cultural entrepreneur and works as creative director and producer of international projects like Digital Earth. He collaborates with thinkers, artists and designers to tell compelling stories about the technological reality we live in. Francesco Degl’Innocenti is a designer and futurist with a past in advertising and architecture, operating at the crossroad of design and digital technologies.