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June 16th, 2015

Sabeen Mahmud who started a female driven hackspace and cultural centre in Pakistan was murdered in Pakistan on 24th of April 2015.  f3mhack  was held on and around the date Saturday 23th of May 2015,  informal networks of activists and related initiatives from all over the world, dedicated this feminist hackathon to Sabeen.

“Never wanted to walk the off-beaten path, she simply walked, actually…. ran full speed in the direction she wanted…”

Among them was Miss Despoinas a critical engineering salon based in Tasmania. They hosted a technological coven – featuring informal presentations of various feminist technology events and collectives through out the world – with the aim of extending kinship groups of critical discourse and spreading grass roots skills share activities. The common subject was be access to technology from the point of view of women and the relationship between creation, information and health, to empower embody and embrace kindred actions in the spirit of Sabeen.

Home-brewed in Hobart since 2008, Miss Despoinas is a diverse group of practitioners who run events which feature radical aesthetics, an autonomous server, a mail list and a research salon- hackspace aimed at removing the strict barriers between software users and developers to enable the ‘uninitiated’ into using free software.

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