MoneyLab blog is live!

A month ago we officially announced the launch of MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives.

What is MoneyLab?

The Institute of Network Culture‘s latest project considers digital experiments with revenue models, payment systems and currencies against the backdrop of the ongoing global economic decline. It aims to critically explore, map and probe the politics, inner-workings and governance of these alternative digital-economic forms. We believe is not enough to merely promote and further develop (technical) alternatives, we also need to ask ourselves critical questions and re-examine the very underpinnings of our endeavours. Our position paper can be read here.

 With much work and organizing going on behind the screens, we are now pleased to inform you that our blog is up and running. Let’s start the online debate!

What can you find on the blog?

  • Regular articles that comment on theories, news, project ideas and actors engaged in the area of alternative revenue models.
  • Resources. We try to identify valuable theory and research work that gives a structural, critical approach on emerging alternatives as diverse as crypto-graphic currencies to crowdfundig and micro-financing but also their wider ecosystems, dynamics and implications. The online Bazaar category further lists people, groups and (art) projects that provide and work with alternative (digital) financing schemes, revenue models, creative and community currencies.
  • Call for collaboration for the MoneyLab Reader. The call for papers will be launched early 2014.
  • Updates on the MoneyLab Conference (March 21-22, 2014). The preliminary program can be found on the blog, tickets to to conference can be bought early 2014. Check out at the currently confirmed speakers. More to come!