Link list on bitcoin & blockchain, demonitization and other MoneyLab issues (part 4)

How to Run a Blockchain on a Deserted Island with Pen and Paper

Better Living through Bitcoin

Elsden, C., Manohar, A., Briggs, J., Harding, M., Speed, C., & Vines, J. (2018). Making Sense of Blockchain Applications: A Typology for HCI.

How Noise Matters to Finance (both via Patricia de Vries)

Narrating the Global Financial Crisis – Urban Imaginaries and the Politics of Myth by Miriam Meissner

The Bitcoin probe unravelling in Surat is a Pandora’s Box (via Tripta Chandola)

Frauenbank: a cooperative space for women and a new kind of property (via Patricia de Vries)

Nathaniel Popper on Envion ICO and what went wrong

Dutch Fintech Navigator

How I became Leonardo da Vinci on the Blockchain

Bitcoin Price Artificially Inflated

Bitcoin is a Cult

“The Bitcoin community has changed greatly over the years; from technophiles that could explain a Merkle tree in their sleep, to speculators driven by the desire for a quick profit & blockchain startups seeking billion dollar valuations led by people who don’t even know what a Merkle tree is.”

BIS Blasts Cryptos in Special Report: “Beyond the Hype”

Building Responsible Cryptocurrencies

Overgrowth of the Digital Economy (and what to do about it)

“What about an Internet that serves us all?
Have you ever wondered why centralized servers sit in the middle of our online conversations? Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? Why would we let a corporation moderate how we communicate with each other? Do we really want an Internet that treats us as the product rather than the participant?

Any application can be designed to be ‘distributed’ and be their own purpose-driven data commons. Without proprietary software directing the free contributions of users, distributed apps can be an ecology of online spaces that together operate as a true commons – Emaline Friedman

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Learn more about decentralization, cryptocurrencies and distributed architectures and how Holochain can help us grow the commons in an upcoming free webinar with renowned technologist Arthur Brock on December 1st 1-3pm PST:

The Holo team says: “Instead of running everything through big data centers, applications in Holo are run by people like you, me, and our friends.””

Anthology: Economic Science Fictions (via Patricia de Vries)

War on Cash (via Patrice Riemens)

The Economic Limits of Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Materiality of the Debit Card

Cash is fighting back (via Eduard de Jong)
which is a front for

Over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies are “Dead Projects”

Poor Bitcoin

Following the crypto money

The DAO as attack dog: A deadly blow to all identity based applications of blockchain/DLT:

Brett Scott on Cashless Society

Zachery Lipton: The Blockchain Bubble will Pop, What Next?

Cryptos solidify their appeal for the rogue side of society.

Podcast by Jamie King with Primavera de Filippi

Responsible disclosure in the era of cryptocurrencies (via Joi Ito)

Cryptocurrencies are dead (from September 2016)

The Tezos crypto rip-off story, for those who have not yet seen Wired

“How Blockchain Can Promote Financial Inclusion” (Berlin event)

Visions of bitcoin-how major bitcoin narratives changed over time

Acht Missverständnisse über Blockchain (in German)

Why Bitcoin is Stupid

INC research of intern Tim Brouwer: a longfrom on crypto design

Bitcoin’s Use in Commerce Keeps Falling Even as Volatility Eases

Modi’s Cash Crackdown Failed, Indian Bank Data Shows