Update/Join the MoneyLab Community on Discord

Dear MoneyLab members,

how are you all coping?

With six weeks to go to MoneyLab #11 Berlin (March 26-28) we got something exciting to look forward to. The event will be hybrid etc. but it is not yet known to what extend we can also meet in real life at Supermarkt and other locations. Ela Kagel and the crew there will keep you informed. The angle Merkel should be on our side, let’s demand that.

MoneyLab #12 Copenhagen, originally planned for late May, has been postponed because of budget issues. It was not possible to find the right grants program as MoneyLab is inherently multidisciplinary and in-between-all-chairs. If anyone has a golden tip, please contact Sunniva Sandbukt <suns@itu.dk> and the team as MoneyLab is not enough academic, not enough visual arts, not enough business, not enough crypto, according to Danish authorities. How to hack this?

The MoneyLab GameStop debate on Zoom of last Monday was a big success and proved that the MoneyLab is very much alive and well. We should do this more often. The event also showed that the ML board (now with six members: Ela, Max, Nate, Denise, Akseli and Geert) is working and can respond quickly to events. You can reach us here: moneylab-board@networkcultures.org.

I have reactivated the MoneyLab email list as it was a bit strange communication strategy to stop it without a clear alternative. MoneyLab is struggling what the main platform of the community should be if one refuses to use Facebook, Insta etc. Sometimes less is better but that’s not case with internal community communication. The question is also: how to migrate an entire community? This somehow failed. On the list there are still around 800 subscribers.

Recent experiments with Discord look good so let’s start with that. We hope to see you all there, with ML Berlin as a catalyst: “Since we posted the invite to our #MoneyLab Discord group people keep showing up! We want to see even more people interested in sustainable finance, inclusive tech, community-based currencies and progressive monetary systems!” Please join us here:


I am still compiling MoneyLab linklists for the email list and then here on this blog. Not sure if this is still useful. Let me know. Maybe there is a better way to do this, together?  This all leads to the question: where do you want to take the MoneyLab network next? Turn it into an organized network? You say.