Welcome to the VideoVortex discussion list:

Through signing up for the list, you will find, and be able to offer, notices and ideas for event listings; exhibitions; artists’ works, projects and websites; articles from blogs, newspapers, magazines, journals; and much more.

The list is also a great tool for the Institute of Network Cultures to keep the Video Vortex community updated on what is going on with the Video Vortex project: send out calls for contributions for the Reader, calls for participation for Video Vortex conferences and other Video Vortex related events. This is also the place where we ask for important input and feedback from the Video Vortex community on Video Vortex plans.

This is not just a mailing list, but a place for discussion, and therefore everybody is welcome to contribute and participate actively through exchanging ideas, information and opinions.

So far we’ve had collaborations from internet, visual culture and media scholars, researchers, artists, curators, producers, designers, lawyers, engineers, open-source and open-content advocates, activists, cultural institution and organizations such as museums and audio-visual archives, and students …but anyone with an engaged mind and interest in the subject of online video is welcome and encouraged to participate!

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