VV9 archive



”Available for the first time is an annotated timeline of the conference, which students, scholars and writers can skim through and quote from. The interface attempts to supply the user with as much cultural context and scholarly resources as possible, using embedded footnotes as well as online and offline references, thus creating an amalgam of both digital and analog reading cultures. We hope that in this way the digital presence of the conference will transcend the limits of a mere re-presentation, offering, rather, an augmented time-image of the event.

The hybrid reader grew out of the conference while it happened. InterLace, the platform upon which our reader is based, is an experimental user-interface for navigating, organizing and annotating large quantities of video on the web. Robert Ochshorn, the author of InterLace, presented at Video Vortex 9, inspiring the conference team to take up on his ongoing project and organize the video documentation of the event in one chronological timeline with annotations. We appropriated and further developed this interface together with Robert” (The production and editorial team: Vera Tollmann, Oliver Lerone Schultz, Boaz Levin and Filippo Spreafico)