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Veronika Kusumaryati | pravdavero [at] gmail [dot] com | +62 813 9894 7854
David Teh | davteh [at] gmail [dot] com | +65 9030 1744



Kedai Kebun Forum | | Jalan Tirtodipuran No. 3, Yogyakarta
Langgeng Art Foundation | | Jalan Suryodiningratan 37, Yogyakarta
House of Natural Fiber | | Jalan Wora Wari A80/6, Baciro, Yogyakarta
Indonesian Visual Art Archive | | Dipowinatan 188 A/B, Jalan Ireda, Gang Hiperkes, Keparakan, Yogyakarta
Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jl. Sriwedani No.1 Yogyakarta
Universitas Sanata Dharma |, Jl. Gejayan, Yogyakarta

For more info about CELLSBUTTON #5 – Institutional Cells, Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival 2011, keep an eye on HONF:


Indonesia Government had granted visa on arrival favor to 52 countries. To check whether your passport is eligible for visa on arrival, please visit:


The official entry requirements for the issuance of a 30 or 7 days day visa-on arrival:

1. Passport must be from one of the countries listed above.
2.Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months from the date of entry into Indonesia
3. Payment of US$10 or US$25 must be paid at the gateway, depending on the length of visa required.
4. Onward or return tickets are compulsory.
5. Visitors must enter and exit through one of the 15 airports or 21 seaports officially approved as an “international gateway” by the Indonesian Immigration department.

How to proceed:

Upon arrival (Cengkareng/Soekarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta), please walk to the arrival/transit gate. In the left side, you will find ‘Visa on Arrival’ booth. Queue for a form and payment, after finish, please proceed to  domestic terminal (Terminal 1, 2F and Terminal 3).  Jakarta Airport’s Guide:

Upon arrival in Yogyakarta (Adi Sucipto airport), please proceed to International Arrival and go to the ‘Visa on Arrival’ booth.


Flight to Yogyakarta
International Service:

Garuda Indonesia Airways ( fly daily from Singapore.
Airasia ( fly daily from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia Airlines ( fly from Kula Lumpur

Domestic Service:
Garuda Indonesia Airways (( fly daily from Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali.
Airasia ( fly daily from Jakarta.
Lion Air ( fly daily from Jakarta and Bandung.
Batavia Air ( fly daily from Jakarta.

Domestic Departures from Yogyakarta
You have to pay departure tax IDR 25,000 (US $3) for domestic flights and IDR 100,000 (US $15) for international flight.



Train to Yogyakarta
Of all trains commuting back and forth from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Argo class trains (Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga) are suitable for a pleasant trip. They rank as the fastest and the most comfortable, while Taksaka train plops in the first place as a runner-up. These trains are available daytime and overnight heading on and off Tugu Station, in the heart of Yogyakarta. Schedules are varied and could be checked here:


Taxi Service is available in the airport counter and train station or call:
JAS taxi               +62 274 373737
ASA taxi              +62 274 545545
Sadewa Taxi       +62 274 414343
Indra Kelana       +62 274 564572
Setiakawan         +62 274 522333

Taxi: Airport-Prawirotaman area (Video Vortex #7 venue) costs IDR 60,000 (max.)
Taxi: Tugu Train Station-Prawirotaman area (Video Vortex #7 venue) costs IDR 30,000

Trans-jogja provides easy, comfortable (with air conditioner) and cheap ride to the downtown. Ticket price is IDR 3000, and available in Trans-jogja bus stops.  Map, route and bus schedule could be downloaded here:

Carbon+guilty-free ride
Yogyakarta has some unique means of transportation that leaves you feel better about the earth.

The three-wheeled becak. Becak exploits muscle fitness, where the driver will pedal through to carry on the delicate, two-guests fit cart. Best for short ride (max. 2km). Fare is upon negotiation. Best guess: 2 km costs around IDR 20,000.
The horse-cart dokar. Dokar is a fancy galloping around the city. You may slouch comfortably in a group of maximum six people in a modest carriage pulled by a rigorous horse. Fare is upon negotiation.
Bike. Biking is the easiest and coolest way to see the city. Rent is available in Prawirotaman and Malioboro area.  Rent costs around IDR 20,00-35,000/day. [Motorbike is availabe for rent at IDR 50,000/day]

Ministry of Coffee Guesthouse
Jalan Prawirotaman I/15a, Yogyakarta 55153, Indonesia, Tel. +62 274.747-3828

Ministry of Coffee is situated south of the Sultan Palace and Malioboro street, in Prawirotaman area where people may find lots of cafes, restaurants, galleries, hotels, and shops. 10 minutes walk to Kedai Kebun Forum.

Dusun Jogja Village Inn
Jl. Menukan 5, Karangkajen, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Tel: +62 274.373031; 384438

The boutique hotel is located just walking distance from the laid-back, Prawirotaman area. It’s only 10 minutes from the Kraton (Palace), 30-minute from the largest Southeast Asia Hindhu temple Prambanan and 40-minute drive from the world’s largest Buddhist temple Borobudur.

Yogyakarta Palace (Kraton)
A calm yet elegant Javanese kingdom.The Sultan Square (Alun-Alun) nearby is a public park by day and hang out place by the night.

Prambanan Temple
One of the biggest Hindu Temple in Southeast Asia.
Jl. Jogja-Solo Km. 16 Prambanan. You can take Trans-Jogja bus route 2B to Prambanan.

Borobudur Temple
Monumental Buddhist Temple, located in Magelang, approximately two hours ride from Yogyakarta.

Taman Sari and Pasar Ngasem
The remnant of Javanese kingdom, situated in the heart of the palace complex. Jl. Taman Yogyakarta Kota/Kraton

Merapi Volcano
The most active volcano in the world, Mount Merapi has mystical power and breathtaking view. The best place to see Merapi is Kaliadem, Kepuharjo, Cangkringan, 

Sono Budoyo Museum
It exhibits weapons, leather and wooden puppets, masks, statues, textiles from across Indonesia
Jl. Trikora 6 Yogyakarta

Affandi Museum
Affandi is the ‘old master’ of Indonesian painting.
Jl Laksda Adi Sucipto, Tel: 274.586105.

Museum Batik Yogyakarta (Batik Museum)
Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 13 A Yogyakarta, Tel : +62 274.562338

Ullen Sentanu
Private Museum in the foot of Mt. Merapi. They are collecting Javanese artifacts and arts.
Jl. Boyong Kaliurang, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Tel. +62 274.895 161

Cemeti Art House
Jl. D.I Panjaitan 41, Tel. 274.371015,

Sangkring Art Space
Jl. Nitiprayan 88, Tel: 274.381032,

Langgeng Art Foundation
Jl. Suryodiningratan 37, Tel: 274.417043,

Galeri Biasa
Jl. Suryodiningratan 107, Tel. 274.6538511,

Jogja Galeri
Jl. Pekapalan 7, Tel. 274.412021,

Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (French Cultural Center)
Jl. Sagan 3, Tel: 274.547409,

Indonesian Visual Art Archive
Jl. KP Dipowinatan 188 A/B Rt14/rw 03 Keparakan, Mergangsan, Tel: 274.375262,

Kunci Cultural Studies
Jl. Nagan Lor 17, Tel: 274.414231,

Jl. Nagan Lor 17, Tel: 274.375131,

Komunitas Dokumenter (Documentary Film Festival)
Jl. Sajiono 15 Kotabaru, Tel: 274.7102672,

iCAN (Indonesia Contemporary Art Network)
Jl. Suryodiningratan 39, Tel: 274.371219,


Your dictionary to local eating scene:

Angkringan, a food seller using hopper as store. The famous food sold here is Nasi Kucing (Cat Rice) that consists of a small serving rice with a sambal (chilies) or oseng-oseng and wrapped using a piece of paper or banana leaf. The most popular angkringan is Angkringan Lik Man, also known as Angkringan Tugu, located in Jalan Wongso Dirjan, north side of Yogyakarta Railway Station (Tugu Station).

Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken). Fried free range chicken with mild garlic and coriander flavor served with crunchy crackers.

Bakpia, another bite size snack made from sweetened green bean paste wrapped with thin dough pastry. The most popular bakpia is known as Bakpia Patuk, which not surprisingly, is sold in Pathuk street, also known as Jl. Aip K.S. Tubun.

Es rujak or rujak es krim, a fruit salad made from mangos, papayas, apples, pineapples, cucumbers etc., mixed with palm sugar, lime juice, salt, chillies and (of course) ice cream (es krim). All flavors (sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty) in one plate.

Gudeg, a curry of jackfruit, chicken and egg served with rice, and is the most famous local dish. There are many gudeg restaurants, but the most popular are: Gudeg Wijilan, Gudeg Juminten, Gudeg Bu Tjitro, Gudeg Tugu, Gudeg Bu Ahmad. If you can wake up early in the morning, you may find small stalls serving Gudeg just at the corner of the street, or close to traditional markets. If you can’t sleep at night, you can go to Jalan Janturan and enjoy the Gudeg Pawon (enjoying gudeg inside the old style kitchen) that open in late night.

Sambal is a chili based sauce which is normally used as a condiment.

Tempe is a traditional soy product, made by natural culturing and controlled fermentation process. Tempe is staple food for Indonesian. They are available in every warung (eateries) and Indonesian restaurant. Vegetarian’s a must.

EATERIES (Price range: IDR 10,000-100,000)
Ministry of Coffee (coffee, sandwich), Jl. Prawirotaman I No.15A
K-Meals (Italian/French), Jl. Tirtodipuran No.67
Milas (vegetarian) , Jl. Prawirotaman IV
Gadjah Wong Restaurant (Indonesian fine dining), Jl. Gejayan, Condongcatur
Langgeng Bistro (fusion), Jl. Suryodiningratan No.37
Kedai Kebun Forum (fusion), Jl. Tirtodipuran No.3
Via-via (Dutch/European, Indonesian), Jl. Prawirotaman I No.30
Bale Raos (Javanese fine dining), Jl. Magangan Kulon No. 1 Kraton


Beringharjo Market
The biggest traditional market in town. Batik, handicraft, and household items are available. Bargain is a must.
Jl. Malioboro, Yogyakarta

Mirota Batik
Jl. Maliboro, Yogyakarta
Best place to buy souvenirs from Yogyakarta. Very packed but worth to visit. Fixed price.

Pasar Klitikan Kuncen
Hipsters used to buy vintage and quality stuff here such as 1960s Dior glasses, vinyl, knick knack, etc. That’s why the price is getting high. Then [some] hipster gone but [some] good stuff remains.
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto, Kuncen, Yogyakarta

It’s Yogyakarta Art Fair. Not to be missed.
16-29 July 2011
@Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jl. Sriwedani No. 1 Yogyakarta

Ramayana Ballet
@Prambanan Temple, Sleman (30-45 minutes ride)
Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 7.30pm

Place to enjoy local dangdut scene. Hot and sweaty!!!
@Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Yogyakarta

Tourist Information Center
Jl. Malioboro No. 16 Yogyakarta, Tel. 274. 562000



Money Changer
Mulia (inside Hotel Inna Garuda), Jl. Malioboro
Barumun Abadi (in front Inna Garuda), Jl. Malioboro

ATM is everywhere in Yogyakarta, be it in shopping mall, bank or modern convenience stores. Check whether your card has ‘Cirrus’ , ‘Visa’  or ‘Mastercard’ sign. Money will be dispensed in rupiah (IDR).


Apotek Kimia Farma 20 , Jl. Malioboro No. 17
Guardian, Malioboro Mall.Lower Ground

Medical Service
Jogja International Hospital (JIH), Jl. Ring Road Utara No. 160 Condong Catur, Sleman
Tel: +62 274.4463535

Yogyakarta code area: 0274
Information and emergency calls:

Airport                                   484261
Train station                         589685
Police                                    110
Information Center               108
Immigration Office                 489165