Research project & hubs

This is the space for the research projects related to the Video Vortex project and themes. If you think there’s a project we are not mentioning and we shouldn’t miss, please contact us.

Human Rights + Activism + Social and Cultural Issues

Intelligent Television “Intelligent Television produces innovative films, television, and online video; conducts research in the future of media; provides strategic planning and consulting services, all in close association with leading cultural and educational institutions and renowned directors and cinematographers — and all to make educational and cultural material more widely accessible worldwide.” “ is a video and audio sharing website that distributes media from independent media outlets and activists on real subjects like politics, society and the environment.”

Engagemedia “Social justice and environmental video from the Asia Pacific.”

Witness “WITNESS is an international human rights organization that provides training and support to local groups to use video in their human rights advocacy campaigns.”

The Hub (Witness) The Hub, a project of Witness, is a participatory media site for human rights: “Through the Hub, individuals, organizations, networks and groups around the world are able to bring their human rights stories and campaigns to global attention and to mobilize action to protect and promote human rights.”

Undercurrents is a video producer of environmental and social justice videos based in Wales. Here you can access to their channel on YouTube

Vision on Tv (UK) aims for the widest possible distribution of video for social change. They broadcast films concerning activism, news, local campaigns, direct action… You can upload films that later will be editorially controlled and create your own TV channel on their site.

Just Vision supports Palestinians and Israelis who pursue freedom, dignity, security and peace using nonviolent means. Just Vision documents and offers inspiring models about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict generating media content in Arabic, Hebrew and English.

Breaking the Silence is an organization hosted in Jerusalem that interviews Israeli ex-soldiers in order to show Israeli society what is being done on its name in the occupied territories.


Online/Open Video Initiatives

Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid // Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)

Open Video Alliance

Vídeo Livre