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Photograph Documentation

Photograph Documentation of Video Vortex #2 Amsterdam


Video Documentation

Video Friday Program

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Video Saturday Program

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Video .ogg and Audio

Friday Program

Opening Session
Introduction by Geert Lovink mp3 ogg
Tom Sherman – Vernacular Video mp3 ogg
Rosemary Comella – Home-Grown History mp3 ogg
Florian Schneider – Imaginary Property mp3 ogg
Online Video Aesthetics
Andreas Treske – Detailing and Pointing mp3 ogg
Tal Sterngast – Karasek Speaks: The Aesthetics of Videoblogging mp3 ogg
Stefaan Decostere – Far from Impact mp3 ogg
Helen Kambouri – Making Violent Practices Public: An Analysis of User-Generated Video Content mp3 ogg
Alternative Platforms and Software
Matthew Mitchem – Video Social: Amateur Video and Virtuosity in Collaboratively Produced Media mp3 ogg
Valentin Spirik – Open Source Ways of Producing, Distributing and Promoting Online Video mp3 ogg
Philine von Guretzky – Bridging the gap: Redefining the Platforms for Moving Image mp3 ogg
Jay Dedman – Show-In-A-Box, WordPress Video Distribution System mp3 ogg
Tatiana de la O – Independent Media Sites mp3 ogg
dotSub Presentation by Michael Smolens mp3 ogg

Saturday Program

Cinema and Narrativity
Thomas Elsaesser – ‘Constructive Instability’, Or The Life of Things as the Cinema’s Afterlife? mp3 ogg
Dan Oki – Cinema as a Research Database mp3 ogg
Jan Simons – Video Vortex: The Linguistic Re-Turn? mp3 ogg
Curating Online Video
Thomas Thiel – Curator as Filter – User as Curator mp3 ogg
Sarah Cook – Broadcast Yourself mp3 ogg
Patrick Lichty – Online Video, Tradition and Audience mp3 ogg
Emma Quinn – Home-Made Content and the Arts mp3 ogg
Participatory Culture
Tilman Baumgärtel – Video Piracy and Independent Cinema in South East Asia mp3 ogg
Ana Peraica – Avi and DivX Art mp3 ogg
Dominick Chen – Toward digital Prochronism: How to Share Creative Processes mp3 ogg
GAMA Presentation by Gaby Wijers mp3 ogg


Written Documentation

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