Artists, art projects and screenings

Art is something hard to define, and artist isn’t much easier unless you believe we all are…but Video Vortex is a very open project, so if you have some artist name/website/portfolio, some artist work in video or any other kind of art project documentation or some content about screenings please send us an email to maburugorri [at] outlook [dot] com

Artists + Projects:


Asendorf, Kim

Bard, Perry

  • “Man With A Movie Camera”project
  • “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a constructivist: Perry Bard’s The Man With the Movie Camera: The Global Remake”

Bailey, Jeremy

Blake, Scott

Bridle, James

Briz, Nick

Bookchin, Natalie

Endlicher, Ursula

Figurt, Albert

Kaplan, Adam

Dullart, Constant

Laric, Oliver

Levin, Boaz

Menkman, Rosa

Rafman, Jon

Roth, Evan

Salomon, Darren (web projects)

Scourti, Erica

Wallace, Linda

Wouter, Roel

Perpetual Art Machine (PAM)

Puckey, Jonathan

Thompson and Craighead

Youtube Commentary Project:

Exhibitions, Festivals and Screenings

Abandon Normal Devices Festival (UK)

Darklight Festival (Ireland)

Festival Pocket Films

International Videodance Festival (Greece)

IMPAKT Festival 

Portable Film Festival

Upload Cinema (Amsterdam) “Taking Web Films to the Big Screen”

Online Exhibitions + Portals of Video Art and Media Art

Artfem: ArtFem.TV is both an internet television and media art portal presenting Art and Feminism.

Furtherfield  is a gallery in London. They promote creative and critical engagement with practices with art and technology

Perpetual Art Machine (PAM) is an online journal and art database  “‘dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology” commissions works by individuals and collectives that creatively explore the Internet as both a site of production and transmission including video projects.

Ubuweb: sound and video archive of avant-garde, ethnopoetics and outsider arts.

Video Cache Video Cache presents 10 videos from the 
SAW Video Mediatheque project (2003-2009).