Video Vortex Exhibition opened on October 19

Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam.

video vortex exhibition I, 20-10-2007 until 02-12-2007

The exhibition video vortex I is the Netherlands Media Art Institute’s response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Web2.0 stands for power to the user and democracy for everyone. It has led to innovative forms of media use in which an open and playful collaboration can lead to critical positions and new ideas.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute seizes upon these developments with a new exhibition model. Stimulation and participation within network environments is the point of departure. In addition to presenting existing installations, short workshops and presentations are given every day. In some cases the artworks form the starting point for a workshop, while in other cases the medium used is the subject of a workshop. Collective experience and building shared knowledge is an important focus in all the projects. In this manner, in the form of continual exchange of ideas, culture can change, renew itself and survive.

The first exhibition opened on Friday, October 19 with a FLOSS Party!!! FLOSS stands for Free/Libre/Open-Source Software. FLOSS Manuals provide instructions for open source software, and, in addition, seek to make sharing informatie about software easier.

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