since we’re not travelling that much recently,
I thought it would have been rather interesting
to see where we have been staying [ stranded? ] most of the time … 



I live in the shadow.

Haven’t left my house for almost a year, now.
They say after six months you could be labeled that way.
They also say it’s a condition, not a mental illness or disorder. … 


desk-talk #2 / W. J. T. Mitchell

Here we are again.

Not too much to write as an intro, you already know the rules (this is the second vlogpost in a series); simply fasten your seatbealts, start the clip below and ENJOY ! … 


half a dozen micro-anecdotes on 2021 soundscRapeRs

Is this the age of digitized hyper-visibility,
further enhanced by the irrepressible virus?
When in doubt, here you have some scattered reasonings
on the role of the auditory counterpart (anything but marginal).



desk-talk #1 / Nick Montfort

In line with my latest digression on (post?)cinematic textual engagement VS heavily textualized (desktop?) movies, here you have the first video-interview of a series I’m working on – specifically dedicated to desktopian research.


a ____ that completely unfolds on a ____ screen

Hey there.

Let me guess:
you’re reading
these very words
on some kind of screen.



randomestic afterthoughts

Yesterday night, while trying to fall asleep, a stylized icon visited me.


2x / a versatile blogpost

2x universe
entering the hasty gates

In times of (renewed) forced immobility, an old funny sketch comes in handy – and it’s both a bittersweet laugh and the perfect trigger for this reflection / article.

Picture yourself exercising on a treadmill: running in place, actually keeping the rhythm of a moving floor, adapting with the whole body to the fictitious movement of a revolving platform.



that desktopian thing..

is a multi-faceted project

is a transmedia-survey-to-come,

growing along with this brand new blog

is both a work-in-progress

and an ongoing storytelling experiment
[recently hosted & reviewed into INC’s “Tactical Visual Culture” branch]