MoneyLab #6 (Siegen) videos, blog posts, and photos

All videos, blog posts, and photos of MoneyLab #6: Infrastructures of Money are now online:

The abstracts for the talks are here.
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Download the program here: MoneyLab #6 Flyer

7 March 2019

9.30 a.m.: Doors open & registration.

Anthropology of Money
blog post

Moderation: Geert Lovink

  • Erhard Schüttpelz: For the Love of Money: A Braudelian Perspective (video)
  • Anna Echterhölter: New Governmental Money: From Rationing Cupons to Refugee Credit (video)
  • Jens Schröter: Society after Money: A Project (video)
  • Akseli Virtanen (Economic Space Agency): The Politics and Economics of Crypto-Enabled Infrastructures for the New Economy (video)

Opening of “The Attention Fair” by Julia Janssen at 12:30, room US-A 234 (blog post)

Aesthetics of Financial Flows
blog post

Moderation: Patricia de Vries

  • RYBN.ORG: Speculative Algorithmic Trading (video)
  • Chris Anderson, Angeles Briones, Michele Mauri: Fog of Finance? Visualising Offshore and the Aesthetics of Uncertainty (video)
  • Vienne Chan, Giulia dal Maso: Inspirations from the Periphery: A Speculative Counter-Approach to Carry-trade Activity (video)
  • C-2: Ownership Experiment – Partial Art Auction (blog post | video)

Finance, Automation and Surveillance
blog post

Moderation: Sebastian Gießmann

  • Josh Lauer: On the Datafication of Money: How the Payment Card Became a Technology of Consumer Surveillance (video)
  • Rachel O’Dwyer: Cashing Out and Keeping Account: A Politics of Transactional Dataveillance (video)
  • Q&A part 1 video
  • Armin Beverungen: Cognition, Calculation and Collectivity in Algorithmic Capitalism (video)
  • Karin Knorr-Cetina: Posthuman Financial Markets: The Rise of Algorithms in Finance (video)
  • Q&A part 2 video

8 March 2019

Blockchains Beyond Fintech
blog post

Moderation: Ronja Trischler

  • Emanuele Braga: Infrastructures For Future Ecosystems (video)
  • Martín Nadal, César Andaluz: Critical Mining: Blockchain and Bitcoin in Contemporary Art (video)
  • Oliver Leistert: Object-oriented Scarcity as a Technology of Governmentality (lecture text | video)
  • Sarah Friend, Saraswathi Subbaraman (Circles): CirclesUBI: Towards a Community-owned Basic Income (video)


  • Economic Space Agency: The Feel of the Infrastructure: Engineering New Economic Spaces.
  • Martín Nadal & César Escudero Andaluz: BitCoin of Things (BoT). Theory and practice Workshop.
    • Room: Unteres Schloß, US-A 134
  • Rachel O’Dwyer: Forgotten, Failed, Fictional: Research Methods for Fintech. (blog post)
    • Room: Unteres Schloß, US-A 234

Monetizing the Social – Socialising Money
blog post

Moderation: Carolin Gerlitz

  • Nate Tkacz: Designerly Banking and The Securitization of Experience (video)
  • Tom McDonald, Li Dan: “Pulling sheep’s wool”: Digital Money, Online Thriftiness and Organizational Misbehaviour in a Chinese Factory (video)
  • Johannes Paßmann: Mundane Valuation: Co-Creating Objects, Subjects and Media in Social Media (video)
  • Crystal Abidin: Influencers and the Commodification of Everyday Life: Brief Histories from Blogshops, Instagram, and tumblr (video)